Pigmentation Treatment

The color of the skin is dependent on the presence of Melanin in the skin. The darkness of skin is usually due to a high percentage of Melanin in the skin. Pigmentation treatment is the solution to deal with Melanin. They typically occur under the skin in the form of age spots on face, hand other parts of the body.

We are a trusted brand in the stream with a team of highly qualified surgeons and professionals. Our services are FDA approved. We provide the following of pigment treatment depends on the nature of skin and the presence of Melanin.

Hyperpigmentation Treatment

This occurs when the human skin produces an extra amount of Melanin. This results in spots or patches on the skin which makes it dull and stiff. It can generally affect all kinds of skins. The high content of pigments in the skin may also lead to other medical problems. So, it is always recommended to consult professionals to avoid the severity of the problem.

Melasma Treatment

Melasma is a type of pigmentation disorder that leads to appearing brown and grey spots on the skin. It affects common areas, such as the nose, forehead, cheeks, and upper lip. The areas of skin which are exposed to sunlight seem to be highly affected by comparatively. Our professionals will remove the patches with the help of laser, glycolic peels, and light-based treatments.

Freckles Treatment

Freckles are small and brown harmless marks that appear on the skin. The key reason behind its occurrence is the clustering Melanin. People suffer from freckles due to skin type and genetics. People whose skin is sensitive to the sun should take extra measures to protect their skin. There are several effective methods to cure freckles.

Products that contain trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and phenol can be used to prevent the occurrence of freckles in the future. Bleaching, corticosteroids, laser treatment are other effective solutions to deal with this health problem.

Hypopigmentation treatment

Hypopigmentation also depends upon the percentage of pigments present in the skin. This can cause a change in the color of the skin. The key reasons behind its occurrence could be burns, infections, disease or trauma.

It includes two types:

Albinism : It occurs due to defects in the genes of a person. This is not found commonly among people. Their skin and hair appear white, and they may have less pigment in the irises of their eyes.

Vitiligo : The researchers have declared that vitiligo is a type of hypopigmentation that may occur due to disease or trauma that damages the cells which produce melanin. White patches can occur on the inside of the mouth and in the hair.

Pityriasis alba : It commonly occurs in children with dark skin. It also produces white patches on the face.

We team has handled numerous cases of hypopigmentation and have achieved amazing results. We use laser techniques and medically approved produce products to reduce or eradicate this problem.
    We do suggest tips to keep you healthy :
  • clients-bg-02.png Protect your skin from the sun
  • clients-bg-02.png Drink clean water
  • clients-bg-02.png Eat a healthy diet
  • clients-bg-02.png Eat fruits and vegetables on a daily basis
  • clients-bg-02.png Keep your skin clean

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