Pimple Treatment

Pimples are one of the common skin issues found among today’s generation. Caused due to various reasons (some of the causes include unhealthy diet habits, genetics, and pollution in the environment) acne and pimple treatment helps in treating pimples/acne on the face, chest, back, and other parts of the body, as painlessly and quickly as possible.
Pimples/Acne develop on the skin when sebaceous glands or oil glands get affected and clogged. This can be so frustrating and tends to steal the taste of our life and confidence.

There are different types of pimples, some common ones include:


Blackheads cause the surface of the skin to break, this is why they are also commonly known as comedones. In the case of a blackhead, comedo is usually open and the oil is oxidized, which makes the pimple darker in color. In the pimple treatment, we use clay masks and chemical exfoliation to cure this issue.


Whiteheads do not break the surface, thus they are also called closed comedones. In this case, oil is not oxidized and the color of the pimple doesn't change. These are the little baby packs that are built upon the skin. As a part of the acne and pimple treatment, we treat the condition with chemical exfoliation, and by cleansing the skin.


Papules are small bump built upon the skin and they are sensitive to touch. The bums are red in color and swollen with inflammation. Papules are more painful than blackheads or whiteheads. As a part of pimple treatment, we treat Papules using drying lotions and skin creams.


Nodules can be large in size and extremely painful. Skin pore or follicle located near skin surface results in nodules. In the nodules treatment, our expert dermatologists recommend antibiotics and other oral medications.


The pulse membrane around the infection is the reason behind cysts. Depending upon the nature, we advise patients special creams and diet instructions to deal with the issue. Our team of skilled professionals have successfully handled cases of cysts. So you can trust us for the best solution.

    Why not try at home :
  • clients-bg-02.png One should avoid popping pimples at home particularly when they look hard and deep.
  • It may lead to some risk involved:
  • clients-bg-02.png Size of pimple may increase
  • clients-bg-02.png Inflammation is increased
  • clients-bg-02.png Dirt becomes high in the pore
  • clients-bg-02.png The potential risk of infection
Note: If pimples are causing distress and pain, please do contact us we can safely and easily remove them.
Advanced Acne and Pimple treatments include:

Zitderm Treatment : Zitderm treatment controls sebum, bacteria, to enhance the glow on your skin. It involves purification, sanitization, stimulation, and healing of the infected portion of skin. It makes skin look cleaner, healthier and younger.

Microdermabrasion : In this method, the skin is scrubbed with aluminum-oxide crystals. This improves the blood circulation and skin becomes smoother. This is quite an effective method to lighten the scars on the skin.

Light therapy (LED Lamp) : This is a type of facial treatment that uses non-thermal light energy to accelerate the production of natural cells and restore them. It is recommended when the skin is affected due to environmental pollution and previous health problems.

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